Introducing Love of Local

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Wow! What a year it has been here in lake country Oklahoma. We are so happy that you've come to share our little bit of heaven on earth here at Grand Lake. There is always something to do no matter the season, and the locals are just so much fun!


I must say that when I first came to the lake, I relied on Google maps so much, that I was inundated with ads and chain restaurants. And while those places were ok, they weren’t what I was looking for. In my post-COVID emergence from reclusiveness, I needed conversation, connection, and compassion. It wasn’t until I asked a few locals in Lowe’s that I started to discover some of the local favorites. You know the ones.  The mom and pop restaurant that’s been in the family for years that EVERYONE knows about and doesn’t need to be on Google?  Yep-that one! I’ve been and it’s amazing! Or what about any number of hidden swimming areas called “blue hole” that you can only get to by recreational vehicles? The list is endless, but our mission is to share some of these hidden gems with you to help plan your next visit or show you why you should move here.


The team at Grand Lake Vacation Properties want to share our "love of local" so here you'll find our favorite places to swim, boat, fish, eat, play, and of course, to STAY at Grand Lake. Check back often or subscribe to our updates.