Spotlight on Lake Hudson Grand Lodge

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If you want quiet seclusion in a natural setting, this is the place. 

This hand-crafted lodge pine log home was built in 2007 from full northern pine logs, 7 years dead standing, hand peeled, hand notched, and chinked. A labor of love, each log was individually selected and placed, providing the most stunning character of each log within the home. The cathedral ceiling in the living room overlooks the entertainment deck and Lake Hudson below. The entire home is filled with furs, animal mounts, and natural aspen and cedar hand-crafted furniture that creates a true wilderness retreat.

Pride of place is Gus the Grizzly Bear, who stands watch over the dining room in the bay window. He is probably the most photographed bear in Northeast Oklahoma. We just ask that you "don't poke the bear." Gus doesn't like to be poked, and we can't guarantee that he won't get cranky if he is poked. 

Truly a one-of-a-kind experience, Lake Hudson Grand Lodge has been the site of numerous holiday family get-togethers, family reunions, honeymoons, fishing retreats, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter Egg hunts, and 4th of July barbeques. The lodge has also hosted a wedding on the back deck with the sunset and lake as the backdrop.  With beds for 11 guests, and room for plenty of air mattresses, it's the perfect setting for get-togethers. 



From the owners:

One look at this home and we just couldn't resist. We had to purchase it. And we are so glad we did. Little did we know how peaceful and quiet this property is, and how much wildlife we would see. We have deer that hang out with us in the yard, while we are less than 20 feet away from them. Every summer we get lots of fawns as well. Hummingbirds hover just a foot away and drink up the nectar in the feeders. We have hundreds of species of birds some of which I have never seen before. The coolest, in my opinion, are the bald eagles that nest just down the road. You'll see them soaring over the lake fishing. I love sitting on the front deck watching the deer eat the corn from the feeder and the birds taking their baths in the garden's bird bath. Sadly I can't enjoy this retreat as much as I want, so when I'm not using it, I get to offer this gem to you to enjoy.

My favorite activity is snoozing in the hammock on the back deck, listening to birdsong, and watching the little hummingbirds drink nectar from the feeders. And a close second is to watch the deer grazing in the yard, outside the kitchen window, in the side yard, and everywhere else on the property. It's really their home, we just get to borrow it from time to time. 

My favorite walk in the fall is on the driveway at Lake Hudson Grand Lodge. In brisk morning air, with the sun highlighting the falling leaves, and the smells of autumn filling your senses, it's a little bit of heaven.