Announcing Two New Updates to the Spring River Fishing Cabins Property

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As you know, Godfrey's Rustic Cabins was purchased by our clients in December 2021 from Carolyn Godfrey following the death of her husband and cofounder Tim Godfrey. Carolyn and Tim had built each cabin and the lodge themselves and ran Godfrey's for many years. Carolyn chose our clients to pass on the legacy of Godfrey's and during the first year under the new client's ownership and our management, we think we have kept the spirit of Godfrey's alive at the cabins.

In early Spring of 2022, after some renovations and upgrades, Godfrey's Rustic Cabins was renamed Spring River Fishing Cabins. Tim and Carolyn lived in the 2200 square foot 2-story home overlooking Spring River and across the driveway from the 3 cabins. In April 2022 the home was turned into the Lodge boasting 2 huge bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a full kitchen, a laundry room, 2 ½ bathrooms, and wrap-around decks on both levels.

Fishermen come to Spring River throughout the year to chase the white bass up the river and hunt the prehistoric-looking spoonbill, and they love to stay at a place away from the casinos and hotels in town. We talked with several guests asking them what one thing would make the property better, and there were 2 answers that were repeated more than any others. I'm happy to announce that we have listened and made those 2 things a reality.

The most requested item was to provide more parking, specifically for trailered boats. While Grand Lake fishermen are experts at backing their trailers into the smallest of spaces (trust me, we've seen some backing jobs that astounded us) we thought it best to not present such a challenge. So, we rented some heavy equipment (after having the utility lines marked of course) and moved some earth for a couple of days. I believe we can fit 6 trailered boats and trucks in the new parking area, although I'm sure with some of you fishermen, you could squeeze another 2 in there. Bring your boats and have a grand time fishing the Spring River and Grand Lake.

The second most requested item came from parents and grandparents. You wanted more for children to do and play with while they are here. So, we spent a few days last week and installed our new "cabin" playground for the littles to climb on and enjoy. Situated between Cabins 2 and 3, this playground has a 2-story cabin fort, rock wall, slide, and swings along with plenty of benches for adults to relax on. Now the kids have something fun to entertain themselves (and tire them out so they will sleep) while dad (or mom) is off fishing.


We hope you'll visit us for your Grand Lake and Spring River vacation trip this year. Keep the recommendations coming, so we know what to work on next. Happy Spring!